Next Level Training

Ready to embody the Next Level in your creative or intuitive business?

Sign up for this FREE Training and receive 3 powerful videos (approximately 15 min each) with inspiration and a guided meditation/energy process. Each video will support you to map out your vision, take aligned action & embody the next level in your soul work (& life).

This FREE Training will give you:

  • A clear map ahead for your business & life
  • Inner alignment: support to release any fears holding you back and reconnect with your vision
  • Powerful resources to move forward with confidence and flow.

You will receive:

  • 3 powerful videos (appr 15 min each) to reconnect with your business vision, bring it into physical form & embody the next level.
  • A beautiful playsheet (pdf) with inspiring questions to give you clarity and a detailed map of your next steps in business.
  • Practical business tools, emotional & spiritual support & down to earth wisdom.
  • An amazing toolkit that you can come back to whenever you need support and guidance in your business.

This training is for you if your soul is calling you to grow into the next level of your business. If you've created a business you love but know that there is MORE awaiting you, welcome!

Maybe you have created a community of soul clients and offer deeply transformational work but long for more time, energy, money and joy. Maybe you want to be of greater service and contribute to a better and more equal world.

I bet you are AMAZING at supporting others but maybe you struggle to receive and feel truly supported too.

I'd love to share my extensive business skills, powerful energy practices and joy to create, with you.

Sign up below 👇 and watch the first video!

Kind words about my work & support:

"Thank you so much for this! I got r i d i c u l o u s guidance in this frequency activation!! Karina, this one of your soooo powerful skills. You transmit frequencies so effectively!

Tonight you gave me a clear channel to my soul. I don't need anybody to tell me what to do. All I need is the ability to hear my own inner voice. Thank you for giving me that! It means more than I can express in words.

To the rest of you, just make inner space and participate in the activation. It is worth every second of your time !!"

“My healing studio is being born. More and more materialising. In perfection. Balance in flow of clients and money and coworkers. 

Just loooove your meditations. Thank you.”

“This was so beautiful thank you so much. My heart is wide open, so warm so flowing and my vision is so very beautiful. 

Thank you so much, Karina. So valuable. I'll keep this with me and let it develop.”

FREE Next Level Training – receive 3 powerful videos to map out your vision, take aligned action & embody the next level in your soul work (& life).

Questions about this training? Send a quick email to me at - I'd love to hear from you!


Karina Ladet, Business Mentor for Intuitive & Creative Female Entrepreneurs at Karina Ladet et en français ici.

3 Modules

Step 1: Map out your vision

The first step is to clear your energy, ground and connect with your vision. In this powerful video you'll be guided to receive your vision and map it out.

Step 2: Take aligned action

The second step is to map out your steps forward. It's time to get clear and take aligned action.

Step 3: Bring your vision to completion

The last step is to bring your vision to completion and connect with your future self. In this powerful video you'll be guided to complete this process by grounding and integrating the next level vibration and wisdom.

Modules for this product 3
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