Hi beautiful soul sister. I'm so happy you are here.

I'm Karina Ladet, Business Mentor for Intuitive & Creative Entrepreneurs all over the world. I teach amazing intuitives, creatives, healers & coaches how to create soulful businesses they LOVE. 

Whether you are about to start your business OR you're experienced and want to grow your business - welcome!

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Available Products

Embrace Your Purpose - 7 Day Course

Ready to create or expand your sacred business (with love) in only 7 days?

Receive 7 videos (approximately 15 min each) with inspiration and a powerful guided meditation/energy process.

Each video will support you in creating an amazing daily practice to help your business – and YOU – to thrive with joy and ease. 

Next Level Training

Ready to embody the Next Level in your soulful business?

This FREE Training will give you:

  • A clear map ahead for your business & life
  • Inner alignment: support to release fears and reconnect with your vision
  • Powerful resources to move forward with confidence and flow.

Receive 3 powerful videos (appr 15 min each) & a pretty playsheet (pdf) to reconnect with your business vision, create a map of your next steps & embody the next level.

My Products Available Products
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